The day dawned cool, bright, but windy. However as the morning progressed, the wind dropped, resulting in a perfect day for the twenty first truffle festival in Aups.

Crowds gathered for the demonstration of man and pig in search of truffles.  The wise old pig was able to sniff out the buried truffles without any problem

truffle hunter and pig

Meanwhile a market selling truffles and derivatives was well underway.

The products on sale were  very extensive, with several artisanal products, from local saffron falvoured jams, to truffle flavoured aperatifs.  Local cheeses, olives, olive oils, nougat,  patés , honey adorned the stalls.  The truffles were priced up to €800 per kg- a valuable commodity. Brushes to clean the “diamant noir” were for sale as well as special cutters for slicing the truffles wafer- thin.  Also on sale were packs of gnocchi with truffles, risotto with truffles, pasta with truffles, dips made from truffles, truffle oils——

The bars and cafés were buzzing, and while enjoying   beverages of choice, the crowds were entertained by the local fokelore group, before descending on the local restaurants à midi, for special “truffle” menus.

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