Verdon Secret 3D-This 3D film is being shown at the Ecociné in Gréoux Les Bains.

Verdon Secret 3D, The Film

The audience are treated to the most amazing photography, set in the heart of the wild Gorges Du Verdon, in areas inaccessible to most. Many of the scenes were filmed, where the crew had to walk for several hours to reach the location, or had to reach the scene by canoe, or by climbing. The film follows the journey of Hidalgo, who attempts to relive the descent tof the Verdon, following the route taken by the first person to descend the Gorges in 1905. Edouard-Alfred Martel, a geographer and geologist, was the first to attempt the descent of the Verdon river through the deep and narrow canyon, on a home-made Canadian canoe.
He and a team of villagers from Rougon and Le Palud, were the first to venture on this journey through the perilous waters.

The 3D film traces the footsteps of the 1905 expedition, with breathtaking images and full sensations of the exhilarating adventure downstream, through the rapids and narrow canyon.
Suitable for all the family, this film is a “must see”

Do go to see this film when you are in the area. It gives a real feeling of not only the beauty, but the the great power of nature, in this magnificent area.

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