Not far from Aups in the Haut Var area of Provence, is the start of the Valensole lavender plateau.

While it was still dark, my daughter and I set off on a mission, to see the sun rise over the lavender fields.  Driving around Aups, the town was deserted, with most people still asleep.  We took the road to Moissac- Bellevue and then on to Baudinard, and then up on to the plateau.  It was still difficult to identify the crops on the roadside, but as it started to get lighter it was easy to recognise the rounded bases of the lavender plants.

We watched the sun come up , casting beautiful light across the purple fields, catching the odd wild oats and transforming  them into a silvery,  feathery, foreground for the dark purple beyond.

The sight was breathtaking.  Alone amongst the lavender, in the cool freshness of the morning , it was a privilege to be at peace with nature. As the sun rose higher in the sky, it became noticeable that in reality we weren’t alone. There was a constant hum, as the bee population for miles went to work on the lavender flowers.  Lavender honey will always revive memories of this beautiful morning.


How lucky we are to live in such a  wonderful area. It was one of those occasions when you have to pinch yourself to be assured that it is not all a dream


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