About half an hour from Le Diamant Noir at Aups, you can reach the lavender plateau, where the fields of purple are truly worth the trip.  The lavender harvest is now under way, so some of the fields have been stripped of their pharmaceutically, valuable crop.

Not only can you find lavender, but also fields of vivid yellow, where sunflowers turn their heads to worship the sun.






bees on sunflowers-provence


Verdon sunflowers


We were lucky enough to capture both provencal jewels in one shot!



Do make sure that if you visit the Lac Sainte Croix that you also visit the plateau on the western side.

Meanwhile on the lake there is plenty of family fun, as the pedal boats make the way up the Gorges du Verdon

Lac Sainte Croix, Gorges du Verdon
family fun Lac Sainte Croix

For those who want a quieter location, the lakeside spot at St Julien du Verdon, near Artignosc, is worth visiting.


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