We woke up  yesterday to a snowy scene at Le Diamant Noir.  We have had snow here before but not much. However it continued to snow all day, reminiscent of a past life in the north of the UK !  It is not supposed to snow in the south of France!  Well it did both here at Aups, and on the riviera coast, with orange trees covered in snow in Nice.

We decided this morning that we ought to make an effort and dig our our driveway.  As we were wading through the foot of snow that had fallen, our neighbours came out to see what was going on. The road into town was virtually carless, with the odd determined pedestrian making their way to the supermarket.

We walked into town with the neighbours to survey the scene.  It was truly beautiful and most unusual for a sunny provencal village. Lots of locals had congregated as they could not go to work. Children were trying out their sledges .   The locals decided that there had not been snow like this since 1998.

A cup of coffee later we wandered home. Le mot du jour was “chasse de neige”= snow plough.  It is comforting to know that when it really snows the council get out and clear the roads and do apply salt.

As the main road was clear we ventured forth and drove up to the Lac Sainte Croix to admire the view- a very different picture than summer scenes with happy families having fun on the lake.

As always the scenery was beautiful, but this time there was a chill in the air!

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