Writing form 41 degrees plus in the shade, we have been given cannicule (heat wave) status here in the Haut Var. This gives us a licence to stop work and relax, giving the opportunity to reflect on the past few weeks of endless sunshine. The pool is a welcome treat, especially when the sun goes down.


The lavender harvest up on the plateau is now over, but we had several weeks of purple landscapes.
There are several sunflower fields up there, all adding to a wonderful spectacle.

The bees are extremely busy, both on the plateau beyond the lake, and here in the garden.
The local honey producers frequent the markets, so we are happy in the knowledge that we hare helping out with our flowers!

There is always some form of entertainment in Aups and the surroundings.
So far we have been treated to the Verdon Jazz festival, with a series of concerts is several villages

Bastille night too, brought a marvellous torch-light procession and firework display, at night-fall, followed by live music and dancing in the square- a lovely atmosphere.

For up-ro-date information on entertainment in Aups, do check the tourist office’s website Ofiice du Tourisme

Don’t forget the twice weekly market and evening markets during summer months.
Mid-August we have another festival – more live music and dancing.
A great place to live and a great holiday destination!

Aups tourism – Haut Var -France

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