Today marked the 3rd saffron  festival at Sillans La Cascade.   A selection of stalls welcomed those interested in, not only saffron, but truffles, honey, various preserves and other local products. Bunches of lavender were on sale.

It was a simple little festival, with drinks and snacks on sale.  A collection of serious local saffron producers were present to explain their methods of  production and various uses of the “red gold”  It is one of the most  fraudulently reproduced spices in the world, and therefore it is better to purchase entire stamens rather than powder.

Crocus sativus provides the flowers, which are harveted, by hand, in October. Once the flowers have been harvested, the saffron is removed and dried immediately, to maximise its flavour.  Le safran du Haut-Var is cultivated traditionally, without herbicides, nor chemical fertilisers, and without irrigation


Brought to Provence by the Greeks, there has been evidence of saffron production in the region util now. In 2006 the Association Safran Provence was founded.



A talk on saffron production was to take place and also a cookery demonstration using local truffles

Unfortunately we could not stay as we had to return to Le Diamant Noir, Aups, to welcome our new guests.


Do visit Sillans La Cascade. It is situated by the river Bresque. There are lovely walks from which the magnificent cascade can be viewed.  The village itself boasts good restaurants and is nestled behind the remains of a thirteenth century castle


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