If you have the opportunity try to visit L’Isle sur La Sorgue. If you are flying in to Avignon airport this would be a good opportunity.


L’Isle Sur La Sorgue is an island town built up where the river Sorgue splits. It is known as the Provencal Venice.

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Originally known as “Insula”, the town officially adopted the name of “L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue” on 18 August 1890, taking the latter part of its name from the river Sorgue, to which it owed much. As early as the 12th century, the river served defensively as a moat around ramparts which surrounded the town until 1795. The river also served as a source of food and industry: fishing and artisan mills for oil, wheat, silk, paper, woolenry, rugs and dyeing. A busy commerce developed until there were two annual fairs and two weekly markets. The current Thursday open-air market originated on 9 November, 1596.


Sunday morning is market day with all the usual market stalls to whet the appetite and stimulate the taste buds.  Beautiful Provencal boutis (quilted bedspreads), pictures, gifts, soaps, many items typical of the region adorn the non-food stalls. The place is thronging.

Also Sunday morning is a good day to view the brocante stalls and the antique villages, which have a hige range of high quality antique furniture. There are almost 300 permanent antique stalls rising to 500 during the antique fairs

Isle sur La Sorgue is an International antique centre.  It will be celebrating its 88th International  antique fair from 2-10 April2010


Visit the streets on foot. Take in the market and have lunch in one of several good restaurants.


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