Olive Oil Aups Chateau de Taurenne

If you are interested in olive oil, do visit the Chateau de Taurenne during your stay at Le Diamant Noir, Aups.
This is a beautifully kept olive estate
A visit is very informative, giving great insight into the regulations laid down to meet the “Appellation Controllé” standard, the planting, growing, pruning of the trees; the production of olives and of course the harvesting.

The production process of transforming the estate’s olives into oil is a process of many steps. This is explained indetail.

In the same way that wines vary in quality, so do olive oils.This can be experienced in an olive-oil tasting which is an integral part of the visit. This includes full description on the varieties and proportions of olives in each of the estate’s oils.
The quality of these oils is superb

The oils are beautifully packaged in various sized containers. The metal containers are good for packing- ideal presents

chateau taurenne

5800 Route de Tourtour
83630 Aups – France
Tél. + 33 (0)4 98 10 21 35

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