It was another busy summer at Le Diamant Noir and we welcomed faces old and new to our lovely area.

As always, the pool provided a refreshing meeting place, where many a carafe of rosé was shared.

The lac Saint Croix was ever popular with families of excited children who had tested their parents’ skills on the pedal boats. Many picnics were enjoyed on the banks of the lake.

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This year our selection of “ready-meals” proved more popular than ever and the freezer had to be restocked mid-season.

The area is full of local traditions and fokelore.   The villages all offer summer entertainment and there are various festivals from village to village.

In peak season one of my nieces, Natalie, came to stay and to help out for a couple of weeks. We worked hard but we did have some light relief!  A memorable evening for us was the evening celebration of the ” Soupe au Pistou“,  held beneath the Plane trees in the square in Aups.  The local council provided a complimentary aperatif  for anyone who wished to partake.  Tickets had been on sale locally for the rest of the evening.  The local traiteur provided the vegetable soup garnished with a mixture of basil, olive oil and parmesan.  This was served with bread cheese and lashings of red wine.  Everyone sat at long tables and it was a good opportunity to practise French


This was a truly local evening with the fokelore group giving a dancing demonstation and then everyone joined in.

The same week-end there was  the festival of the “windmills” in Régusse. On this occasion the old windmills are adourned with traditional sails and the grain is brought to the windmill to be milled into flour- another excuse for a party amongst the locals of Régusse.


But the most unbelievable evening  had to be”clubbing” with a “foam machine” in the medieval village of Villecroze !  We had gone to ” La Cascade” for a meal and when we came out the village square was ” alive with the sound of music”—-


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