The area has many markets  with quality seasonal ingredients overflowing from the stalls . The kand and climate lend themslevs to the growing of high quality fruit and vegetables, not to mention olive oilsm speciality vinegars, cheeses——- all essential for the Provencal table. Provence cuisine is simple but dependent on the freshness of the produce.

Market Days in the Var

Local garlic
Local garlic
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Twice weekly the market place in Aups is full of very good market stalls. In fact it has become so popular that coach loads of people come to Aups on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.
There is an excellent range not only of food products but crafts and clothes stalls. This town has changed its road system on market days to allow pedestrains to walk freely through the stalls.
This provides a wonderful morning out and a true taste of Provence

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