Holiday accommodation- Aups- Haut Var- Provence

A short drive from Le Diamant Noir, Aups, Provence, you will find yourself  in the Verdon valley, amid wonderful scenery.

Last weekend we set off with a picnic to the Verdon. This time not the grand canyon but the lower gorges.

From the village of Quinson, we hired an electric boat and set off down the river.

There is an 8km stretch of river between Quinson and the lac d’Esparron, with a rch variery of flora and fauna, especially birds which have chosen the lower gorges as their habitat.

This area is also loved by hikers and climbers,with some challenging routes.

Nothing could have been more beautiful and peaceful.  The sky was brilliant blue with not a cloud in sight.  We were surrounded by different species of dragonflies, and felt completely at home with nature.

The river was quiet allowing the most wonderful reflections dancing from the rocks.

The only sound was the ripple of the water against the boat, and then further downstream the happy noises of families enjoying their picnics on the banks of the river and children enjoying theri adventure on the pedal boats.

The route we took is steeped in history, and a haven for geologists and archaeologists alike -with incredible rock formations in the limestone cliffs, not to mention evidence of  neolithic man from 500,000 years ago. Along the route we saw the caves that offered shelter and defence to prehisotric man.

One cave with an external wall was occupied by charcoal producers until relatively recently

another being the secret hiding place for arms during the French Resistence,

and one the home of some rare bats

We returned our boat on time- 3hours later.

Having recharged the system with a welcome picnic of provencal treats, we visited the prehistoric museum in the village of Quinson.

This is well worth a visit, with full explanation tracing the evolution of man in Provence for a million years. 3D reconstructions demonstrate prehistoric life , how neolithic man lived and survived, and his place in this provencal landscape. An interactive show relates the discovery of the grotto of Baume Baume and the archaeological discoveries  and treasures which have been found.

500m from the museum, on the banks of the Verdon, a team of scientists have reconstructed a village showing the evolution of man and the change of habitat over the historic periods.

A guided visit to the grotto of Baume Baume can be taken, where evidence of man , 500,000 years ago, was discovered.

Our route took us home via the lavender fields. In about a week’s time the lavender will be at its best.
Up on the plateau we had a magnificent view overlooking the Lac Sainte Croix and the village of Saint Croix

Then it was home again to prepare for another busy week!

We do feel privileged to be able to have this wonderful scenery on our doorstep

This is still an unspoilt area and well worth a visit.

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