Rosé from Provence- light, delicate and pale, pale pink.
Last week-end we were treated to a “festival du Rosé’ in the market place at Aups.
A glass was on sale for €5, which entitled the purchaser to wander round the wine stalls, tasting the extensive range of wines. The area was well represented, with local vineyards. The jazz group ” Mardi Gras” treated us to some well known tunes, as they played through the old streets.
Long tables were set up under the plane trees outside the Mairie, in readiness for the meal being provided by ” La Truffe”.
The diners were given a box which contained the dessert of fresh fruit salad and goats’ cheese with a fig confit. The main course of estouffade de boeuf and gnocchis was served from the buffet. Wine, of course, was available from the stallholders.
With the lovely meal over, the entertainment began with a “geant karaoke” and DJ.
Lovely atmosphere, great setting.- Car was left in the car park and we walked home!

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