La Bourride is a Mediterranean fish stew- not to be confused with bouillabaise.  given the abundence of fish along the Mediterranean coast of Provence,  it is not surprising that there are many traditional fish recipes .

The definition of bourride is- a Provençal stew made with fish , vegetables and white wine, thickened with egg yolks and flavoured with aïoli.

La Bourride is one of the  great classics of provence cuisine- one of the  fish dishes of the Provençal region and is served widely in resturants all along the coast. there are various local  variations in the recipe.

Orange rind and saffron may be included in the recipe.  Monkfish is a popular base but any white fish can be used. Sometimes more luxurious sea food is added , but this is not necessary.

Sea bream, sea bass and monkfish are a good combination.

Many resturants use whole fish and then fillet them at the table, but to avoid bones it is better to fillet the fish before cooking.

Olive oil shallots, fennel, leek, garlic and white wine, tomatoes, thyme, bayleaf and good fish stock are the main ingredients with some orange zest.

This forms the basis of the cooking liquid, in which the fish is poached.

The combination of flavours is wonderful and results is a beautifully tasty and creamy stew, when thickened with aïoli.

Bourride is served with boiled potatoes and croutons of French bread along with more-aïoli.

Recipe for Bourride

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