2014 has now arrived and we turn our thoughts to the forthcoming season ahead.

We are pleased to be filling our calender with bookings, and will be delighted to welcome new guests in the months ahead, as well as those returning to share our corner of provence.

The weather so far this winter has been kind to us, with lots of sunny spells, and crisp clear days. The scenery is as beautiful as ever.

Christmas and New Year festivities ended last night with La Fête des Rois – Epiphany.  This is another excuse for a party and the “galette des rois” is the culinary delight to be shared on this day.

250px-Galette_des_Rois 200px-Brioche_des_Rois_dsc06781

In the north of France the cake is in the form of an almond pasty and in the south it is an orange- flavoured brioche with crystalised fruits.  a charm is hidden in the mixture pre-baking, and then the person who gets the piece of cake containing the charm, wears a crown and is the king or queen for the rest of the party.





All good wishes for 2014 from Le Diamant Noir, Aups

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