At Le Diamant Noir we have a few challenges in the garden

The wisteria and clematis was beautiful this year and because of plentiful rainfall everything is looking very fresh.

clematis wisteria


Living in the Parc du Verdon we have an abundance of wildlife which unfortunately feeds on our plants- so rescuing our blooms is quite a challenge.

The lawn is  another story—-this year we have automatic arrosage on our little area of lawn, so we   now have a regular supply of water but even so the bugs do not want us to have a nice even lawn.  firstly the ants like grass seeds and think they are in ant heaven when seeds are sown. They carry the seeds to their nests and we endedup with more seeds around the ant nests than on the lawn.

ant nest

Then the small provencal snails move in and eat the young shoots.  Snail pellets help but not as they might as the ants also like the snail pellets, so these are also carted off to the ants’ nests. It is all extremely amusing but still we struggle on in our efforts to have a green velvety lawn- I think we are fighting a losing battle.  The Verdon forest floor was never supposed to be a lawn!

slug pellets

We are in the natural habitat for lavender and it thrives in the soil here.  It is all looking very healthy and is about to flower.  Then it will be a home for honey bees and numerous butterflies.

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