We are privileged to have small local producers on our doorstep, producing high quality cheeses for the local markets

One such producer of excellent organic sheep’s cheese is at Sillans La Cascade


The Apostolo enterprise supplies us with a weekly pack of organic sheep’s cheese. It is absolutely delicious

During the recent festivites we bought a special seasonal cheese platter

There were both mature and fresh cheeses, with herbs, ashes, peppercorns, a tomme, to name a few

Two other products on our platter made from the local ewe’s milk were home produced ravigotte
and confiture de lait

Ravigotte This was basically cream cheese mixed with the ingredients that form a ravigote sauce- onion, tarragon, chevril, parsley. Super fresh flavours- great filling for a jacket potato!

Confiture de lait (milk jam)-didn’t know what to expect and it didn’t look very appetising but was delicious- a bit like a liquid fudge!
It is a caramel milk jam, originally from Normandy made by boiling whole milk and sugar for hours providing a luscious and versatile topping- good with ice cream.

Confiture de lait- video

Milk Jam

Bon appetit!

Eat,drink and get fat!!

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