Holiday rental accommodation in Provence, Aups. Var France- Le Diamant Noir

We are pround to announce the results of our recent inspection- We have been awarded a four star grading for L’Amandier and Le Genévrier.  We will have our new apartment La Truffière graded later in the year

Several years ago the body who awarded the various gradings for holiday accommodation was disbanded.  There followed years of uncertainty and no grading taking place.  However more up-to-date criteria were laid out in 2010 and since then, certain organisations have been accredited, to face the task of inspecting all those hotels, campsites, meubles de tourisme and other accommodation, wishing to be graded. The existing gradings are no longer valid after mid July, so time for assessments is now running short.

Preparation for the assessment was extremely lengthy, with investment in certain upgrades to meet the criteria laid down.

The most challenging thing was working out what was actually required, with a list of compulsory points and ” à la carte points”. Then, believe it or not, the method of application for the award changed between our inspection and receiving the result!

We still find one of the most amusing criteria being a pressure cooker! I think it has been used once in five years of visitors

For anyone who is interested  these are the criteria for the various stars

So we go into our busy period proudly able to advertise our four-star grading .

Now to order the plaque to put up at the entrance gates.

Cause for celebration!

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