There is that recognisable feeling in the air.  That time of the year has arrived again, to put us all in a good mood with a feeling of loving and giving.

Here in Provence the run up to Chritmas is characterised with Christmas markets, some held in local wine chateaux and in the local towns.  It is an opportunity for the local craftsmen to show us their skills but of course there is a great emphasis on local produce which will adorn the Christmas table.

Christmas is a time for seafood, especially oysters and champagne and of course foie gras, in many forms.

Turkeys, ducks, geese, guinea fowl and game are all options available for the main course

Other  seasonal specialities are based around the chestnut and dried fruits.

Hot roasted chestnuts tempt the passers -by and marrons glacés add a sweet touch to the Christmas fayre

Cauldrons of spicy vin chaud send the aroma of Christmas through the air and get everyone into the spirit of the season.

Special cheese platters are prepared and as it is truffle time, the Christmas truffle markets are busy.

Wines are needed to accompany the various courses of the Chrsitmas and New Years’ feasts so the local vineyards bring their produce to market. with both wine and champagne tasting available

Sweet preserves and olive-based savouries are popular

Lorgues put on a medieval Christmas market this year. Everyone entered into the spirit of the event with the stall holders dressed in medieval costumes, which added atmosphere to a lovely family outing.


The sky was clear and blue and it was still warm enough to enjoy a coffee at a pavement café









Decorations up, lights working, presents bought- time to party!- Merry Christmas!


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