Half an hour from Le Diamant Noir, Aups, in the Haut Var is a provencal treasure, not to be missed.

Situated on a hilltop village, La Verdière in the Parc Naturel Régional du Verdon is the largest private chateau in Provence, with features from the 10th to 18th century.

This castle had been lovingly updated in the eighteenth century, from a fortress.  Louis-Roch de Forbin and his wife transformed the castle into a palatial home, creating a “mini- Versailles”,   embellished with  stucco work considered to be the most beautiful in Provence.  Despite the unrest of the revolution, the castle survived.  However, an old marquis, without descendants, had lived there more recently and allowed the castle to deteriorate. It fell into such a state of disrepair that it was not longer weatherproof. Sadly a thousand years of history was being lost. Valuable stucco work, furnishings and artwork were ruined. The castle was abandoned.

However, with new owners, the castle has now undergone 11 years of restoration work,the results of which are being shared with the public.

Do visit this treasure.  a well- informed historian acts as guide to a wealth of historic information,with visits to the restored rooms exhibiting great examples of furnishings, artwork, and costumes costumes. On certain evenings there are candlelight visits to add to the atmosphere of life there in the eighteenth century.










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