La vie en rose- for all those rosé lovers.

Rosé from Provence- light, delicate and pale, pale pink. Last week-end we were treated to a “festival du Rosé’ in the market place at Aups. A glass was on sale for €5, which entitled the purchaser to wander round the … Read More


If you are travelling via Marseille airport and have some time to spare, do visit the city. It has a magnificent port and is home to many good restaurants.

Aups in Spring – a walk in provence!

a Spring walk around Aups in Provence … Read More

Aups, Capital Haut Var, Provencal town

Aups, Capital Haut Var, Provencal Town Aups is a medieval village situated in the foothills of the Southern Alps.The Haut Var has recently been voted the number one region in Europe to see before you die! Do come and join … Read More

Mimosa at Le Diamant Noir , Aups

Mimosa at Le Diamant Noir , Aups In our garden at Le Diamant Noir, Aups, the mimosa is now in full bloom- a little later than on the coast. The little yellow fluffy balls are magnificent and a true herald … Read More

Lac Sainte Croix in different moods

Lac Sainte Croix in different moods   The Lac Sainte Croix is a prominent feature in the Verdon landscape and provides us with spectacular views in all seasons and weather. It always provdes a breathtaking scene.

Vines in Autumn

Vines in Autumn   Life in provence follows the rythmn of the seasons, and naturally the vines play an integral role. The landscape changes from season to season, and autumn is beautiful. The grapes have been harvested, but we are … Read More

Autumn in Provence- Verdon

Autumn in Provence-Verdon More scenes of autumnal beauty here in Provence in the Haut Var   Thanks to Gayle Baird for her wonderful photography