Mimosa at Le Diamant Noir , Aups

Mimosa at Le Diamant Noir , Aups In our garden at Le Diamant Noir, Aups, the mimosa is now in full bloom- a little later than on the coast. The little yellow fluffy balls are magnificent and a true herald … Read More

Lac Sainte Croix in different moods

Lac Sainte Croix in different moods   The Lac Sainte Croix is a prominent feature in the Verdon landscape and provides us with spectacular views in all seasons and weather. It always provdes a breathtaking scene.

Autumn in Provence- Verdon

Autumn in Provence-Verdon More scenes of autumnal beauty here in Provence in the Haut Var   Thanks to Gayle Baird for her wonderful photography

Autumn in the Verdon

Autumn in the Verdon This year the autumnal season has been truly magnificent. The endless blue skies have continued right through November, with lovely warm weather. The light has been wonderful showing off the beautiful autumn leaves, in their many … Read More

Les Basses Gorges Du Verdon

Les Basses Gorges du Verdon When visiting Le Diamant Noir, Aups, most of our guests drive around the dramatic Gorges du Verdon and the hair-raising Route des Cretes. However the Verdon river has made its mark further down stream, with … Read More

Olive Oil Aups Chateau de Taurenne

Trip to Olive estate Chateau de Taurenne … Read More

Aups truffle festival in the Verdon, Haut Var

Aups truffle festival Yesterday we celebrated the Aups truffle festival in the Haut Var. It was a beautiful day- clear blue sky, a crisp but sunny day and definitely a chill in the air, but marked with the overtone of a … Read More

Chateau de la Verdière

Half an hour from Le Diamant Noir, Aups, in the Haut Var is a provencal treasure, not to be missed. Situated on a hilltop village, La Verdière in the Parc Naturel Régional du Verdon is the largest private chateau in Provence, … Read More

Valensole Lavender Plateau Provence

The lavender in the garden at Le Diamant Noir, Aups, is in full bloom, so we decided it was time to go to the lavender fields. We were not to be disappointed. Our route took us up onto the lavender … Read More