Aups Truffle festival

Aups truffle festival

Yesterday we celebrated the Aups truffle festival in the Haut Var. It was a beautiful day- clear blue sky, a crisp but sunny day and definitely a chill in the air, but marked with the overtone of a truffle aroma.  The market square, was full of people who had come to spend a winter’s day, with foodies and locals alike, all inspecting the coveted black truffle, on sale at the various stalls. This was the market for gourmet foods. Not only were truffles for sale , but also brushes to clean the fungus and implements to slice them in the wafer thin slices, all that is required to transform a simple dish into the flavorsome heights, loved by those who have taste “Le Diamant Noir”. Such is the flavour of the black truffle that many other delicacies were on sale, enhanced by the addition of truffles.  Oils and vinegars, aperatifs, savoury cakes, stuffed cheeses, various pates and spreads, to name a few and here fast food took the form of “brouillard”- scrambled eggs with truffles.

Aups is the truffle capital of the Haut Var and here there is a passion for all things “truffle”. We were invited to demonstrations showing how the trained pig finds the truffles buried in the soil. It is not only humans who have a taste for this delicacy!

To add a splash of colour to the event, the local fokelore group performed some provençal dancing.  All dressed in provençal costume the group showed that provençal traditions are being lovingly preserved.

Find out more about the Aups Truffle Festival here:

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