Aups in Spring
Wild Orchids in Provence

Aups in Spring – a walk in Spring

With not a cloud in the sky, I set out on my walk around the outskirts of the town.  Deep into the countryside within minutes, the magic of springtime all around.  New beginnings everywhere!  At 500 metres above sea level and in the foothills of the alps, the air was crisp, but beautifully clear. The Chemin de Prés, as always, was an absolute pleasure. Edged with wild rosemary,thyme and wild asparagus, the natural vegetation, is comprised of oak forest and junipers, interspersed with mature pines.  The presence of wild boar was present, no doubt themselves, looking for “Le Diamant Noir”- the coveted black truffle,  to which, like the foodies, they are addicted . The boar have been digging in the red soil.  This terracotta soil of the area, provides the clay for the production of the famous Salernes tiles.

With blossom bursting out of the buds on the trees, the local bees are gathering nectar and humming around the trees, while the birds, too are singing in chorus, more than happy to be warmed by the Provencal sun.

Aups in spring
bees in the blossom

Wild flowers are blooming, and incredibly beautiful. What looks at a distance like mis-planted hyacinths, are actually wild orchids, several species of which can be found in Provence, and aroundAups in Spring.

Grape hyacinths too, are flowering abundantly, adding to the magic of this throughly natural scene.

Spring in the air is also encouraging outside work, as jobs that have been postponed over the winter are now being undertaken, before a new season of tourists descend on the area to share the beauty with the locals.

Nearing the centre of town, the peace of the countryside gives way to the bustling of the Saturday market. Spring veg are appearing on the stalls, along with all of the usual Provencal specialities.

With the sun shining on the central fountains, the cafes are full. Cafe crème or rosé?

Do visit Aups in Spring!

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