Today Aups held its annual truffle festival.  A lovely crisp morning welcomed many locals and visitors alike.  Intrigued onlookers watched as the truffle hunter demonstrated how his faithful pig could find the truffles, which had previously been buried in the specially designated area.  The experienced pig  dug  in the appropriate places until “les truffes” were unearthed and given over to the master- a valuable treasure at €1000/kg- aptly called “Les Diamants Noirs” or “black diamonds”.









Meanwhile the stallholders were busy, attracting keen purchasers, and truffles were being carefully weighed and handed over.

Stalls were not limited to the coveted,black truffle,  there were truffle- derived oils, gnocchi, aperatifs, not to mention brouillade sur place (scrambled eggs and truffles).



Of course- if you use truffles then you need a new kitchen appliance to shave them- a purpose made mandolin, or if you hunt for truffles perhaps you need a knife, beautifully carved with a truffle on the handle, or a hand painted serving dish.

The cafes were bustling and then as midday approached, all went quiet as those in search of gastronomic delights went off for lunch in the various restaurants of the town and surroundings.  In support of  today’s festivities,  all restaurants were serving a” truffle” menu.


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