This dish is a provençal speciality served at apéro time and goes well with a glass of chilled rosé.
Served with crusty bread, or on mini toasts, with cruditiés it is an anchovy based dip, a perfect appetiser or starter for any meal.
Garlic, anchovies and olive all mixed together to form a delicious conbination, typical of Provence. Recipes vary from family to family, some adding lemon juice and some adding parsley or basil

There are two varieties on the market the courser anchoiade and a more creamy version- creme d’anchoïade

Anchovies are widely available, forming part of the catch in the coastal ports, and have been part of the staple ingredient of provencal recipes. These small fish are commercially processed in various factories inland


– 10 filets d’Anchois à l’huile
– olive oil
– dash of vinegar
– 2 egg yolks


1. Desalt the anchovies under a running tap
2.remove the central backbone
3. with a pestle and mortar grind the fish and the garlic
4. incorporate the egg yolks and vinegar
5. whisk the sauce while adding the olive oil.

Illustrated French recipe

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James Martin’s version

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